I am a lady of varied tastes. Riff Raff happens to be one of them. And damn, that pink tuxedo.

“4 Million”, the newest installation of the Peach Panther saga features Riff Raff lounging in his luxurious codeine castle with the Pantherettes in peach  one-pieces. Then some bored-looking thugs, a girl in a red bra, and at least one stripper. Amazing cameo by Jody Husky. I know I’ve followed Riff Raff too closely on social media because I recognized the peach ice  he flaunted throughout the video, and can’t tell if this is a genius commentary on the overblown importance of rappers’ jewelry, or just Jody Highroller  being tacky and ridiculous. Maybe both.

The feminist in me can’t believe I’m about to put this in writing, but I really like the Pantherettes. I like their fakeness, the matching blond wigs and peach costumes, and their complete lack of human emotion. I’ve never heard them speak, but they consistently flank Riff Raff in interviews. I saw one  in which the two Pantherettes entered first,  completely ignored everyone, and then left. This lack of acknowledgement of others  is  the usual protocol for the ladies, but this instance stood out to me because it was the first time I’d seen their  presence addressed in front of them before, and they completely shut it down.  I’ve often wondered how much of Riff’s ironic behavior has turned over in his head into a real lifestyle, and maybe I give him too much credit, but I really feel like the Pantherettes are meant to be a sarcastic kind of cliché  groupie. I like their status of essentially being bodyguards. I was a little disappointed to see one of them sitting on someone’s lap in “4 Million” but still infinitely less uncomfortable  than when I watched ScHoolboy Q’s video for “Man of the Year”. The Pantherettes have the autonomy to choose not to engage with your shit. The women in “Man of the Year” are condescendingly given quasi-identities  to make you feel good. [EDIT: After discussing this in a confused forum at a party with opinions as vaguely formed as the identities I thought ScHoolboy Q’s women possessed, I realized I’d unfairly singled that video out. The gorgeous production and the fact that they didn’t edit out the (gorgeous!!) models’ cellulite  seemed to elevate the video to a point that I formed some extra-strong cognitive dissonance between real women and props. Yes, I still hate how they’re objectified and I really hate it more than videos that include carefully choreographed dancers or passive mannequin women because it toes the line of being humanizing without crossing it. But getting upset that the models being objectified are more “lifelike” than the ones I’d expect to see is almost more sexist than the practice itself. They interact with the camera and with the rapper in nearly organic ways, but the fact is they’re still just there to look pretty and it’s not as deviously veiled as I thought. This isn’t the first time this combination’s been attempted, it’s just the first time I’ve entered without an attitude jaded enough to soften the blow. ScHoolboy Q – you’re not off the hook, but you’re not the worst, or even most notable one on it, either.]

Musically I have very little to say about “4 Million”. I’ve never followed Riff Raff for his music. Overall, my biggest thought was “oh my God this song is too long”. Other than that, I kind of liked the autotune…. Like I said, I don’t have much to say about the song. As the Peach Panther  told Rolling Stone, “I just want to reiterate I only made 4 million last year”.


I love fun rappers, which means I also love Snoop Dogg and I have a huge thing for Waka Flocka Flame. As a bonus, please enjoy this video I stumbled upon in writing this review:

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  1. Robert Kirzinger says:

    He gets props from me for his startling reference to Tony Delk.

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